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At Kloisters Kindergarten & Pre-School, every child is our priority. We focus on achieving goals, as well as offering extra-curricular activities in a safe and inclusive environment at Kloisters Kindergarten & Pre-School in Rochester.

We work together for your child's future

Our team are carefully selected, not only for their wealth of experience and qualifications, but also for their skills and personalities, plus their dedicated approach to caring for your child.


The owner and manager of the kindergarten is Mrs Carolyn Dennis and many of the staff have been at the kindergarten for several years and every member greatly contributes to the happy, industrious environment essential to a developing child.

 •  Highly experienced team

 •  Dedicated key worker for every child

 •  Focus on educational goals

 •  Focus on play

 •  24 hour CCTV surveillance

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Every single member of our team of kindergarten staff is highly qualified and dedicated to the ongoing care and education of your child in Rochester

Dedicated kindergarten staff

Your child is our highest priority

Every child has a personal key worker to ensure that care is tailored to meet their individual needs, help the child become familiar with the setting, offer a settled relationship for

the child and build a

relationship with their parents.



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