We are committed to ensuring that all children receive the best care possible whilst in our setting. This includes healthy eating and oral hygiene to enable children to continue to make healthy choices into adulthood.

Communication about Healthy eating and oral health

At Kloisters we believe that the best way to enable children to stay healthy is to work in partnership with families to ensure that all children are able to make healthy choices in life. We display all menu’s for lunch and snack in the porch so that parents can check each day what their child has been eating and use this to plan their own dinner or just have a conversation whith their child about the things they have eaten that day.

Our snack menu includes breaskfast morning and healthy snack in the afternoon and has been planned to ensure that your children receive a healthy and balanced diet which has good levels of carbohydrates to keep them active and learning throughout the day.

Healthy Roots provide our hot food menu (payable option), or parents/carers can provide a packed lunch to enable choice, as long as it is healthy.

Oral Health

We believe that all children deserve the best start to life and this includes oral health. We are committed to ensuring that the children in our care receive positive messages regarding teeth brushing and how to keep our mouths healthy. We advise parents when starting with us to visit the dentist regularly, provide regular information around children’s oral health through our facebook page and include oral health in our day to day teaching and discussions with the children, talking about the importance of teeth brushing.

NHS Children’s Teeth

Benefits for the future of your child’s development

By the time your child is ready to move onto school they should have the ability to make healthy choices in life and a firm foundation in overal health.

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