Parents are the children’s first educators so we feel it is vital for the parents and the Kindergarten in Rochester to work together resulting in a positive impact on the child’s development and learning.

Constant communication between home and kindergarten

Education is a three-way partnership with the child, parent and the kindergarten. Communication between home and the kindergarten is vital and encouraged through development records and the children’s learning stories, prize giving, stay and play sessions, Sports day events,  bi-termly newsletters and always being available to talk to parents.

Kloisters also offers your child the support of a personal key worker, as each child’s development is unique and special. That is why we create an individual record of each child in the kindergarten. It also means that each child has a special adult to relate to, which can make settling into the kindergarten much easier.

2Simple Observation Records

At Kloisters we believe it is vital to communicate with parents in real time about their children’s development and the fun things that they have been up to during the day. We understand that not all parents can spend hours each day talking to members of staff, so we do our utmost to ensure that all parents receive the relevant information from us.

In light of this we have several systems in place:-

  • 2Simple which is a management system for taking photographs and observations of the children which links to the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • 2Engage parents which allows us to email parents all the children’s records on a regular basis and enables them to email back if they have information for us.
  • We have a CLOSED facebook group for parents.
  • Our Pinterest page “Kloisters Kindergarten” where staff post ideas and activities to enable children’s learning both in the setting and at home

Benefits for the future of your child’s development

By the time your child is ready to move onto school, the records will present a clear picture of the changes and developments which have taken place since their first day at Kloisters in Rochester. The picture will be different for each child and that is what makes it special.

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