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We would like to express our absolute delight and surprise at the way Jack has settled into Pre-School since joining you at Kloisters. As you know, we expressed our concerns as Jack having spent 6 months at a previous pre-school where he stood shaking waiting to go in and was so nervous would vomit and cry. Only then to be sent to the entrance hall alone for being too upset. This being our first experience of sending a child to preschool, we thought persevering was the right thing to do. When we were invited to view Kloisters, we could not believe the difference. The massive contrast of equipment and activities and the welcoming, friendly atmosphere made us aware that we had made a big mistake hoping Jack would settle into the previous preschool. Since Jack started Kloisters we have noticed he is happy and far more confident. He now looks forward to attending preschool with no fears. We really cant believe that after only 4 weeks he has asked if he can stay for lunch like the other children. We really would like to thank you for allowing Jack to join Kloisters knowing his background from the previous preschool. We would also like to thank the Aunties who spend time with Jack for helping him to settle in so quickly and making his mornings so happy.

Kloisters was recommended to us by a friend and we would most definitely recommend you to any other parent.

Scott and Verity Palmer

When I first started looking for a nursery, I though I would never find what I was looking for. It was hard to put my trust in someone else. But I found it so thank you all so much for all training your staff had to have with Nancy’s condition. All your Aunties are fantastic and your nursery is the best. You need a round of applause for running a wonderful and caring nursery. You have given Nancy the shance to become her own little person full of confidence. I can never thank you enough, she has enjoyed every single day with you. Thanks for everything.
Nancy, Kerry and Dave

Just thought I would write a few words to express my appreciation of your support over the last 9 years. Emily first went to a nursery school in my village and although there was nothing I could pinpoint I just felt Emily wasn’t happy and didn’t enjoy her time there. I spoke to someone at work and they recommended Kloisters and although you were not within walking distance it was only a short journey from my house so decided to come and have a look around. As soon as I came in I could feel the friendly atmosphere and all the children looked happy and all doing different activities. It only seems like yesterday when Emily came to nursery for a few sessions a week and then when she started school she continued coming to the after school sessions. In fact, my choice of primary school was decided purely so that she could carry on coming to Kloisters because I knew that I could go to work knowing she would be well looked after.

I think you know her funny little ways as well as I do what with the problems we had with potty training and her fussy eating and I can honestly say the help and support you have given me over the years has been fantastic. Emily has been here so long she is part of the furniture, even one of your staff left for several years and came in after school she said are you still here! Nicky, I would like to thank you and your staff for everything you have done over the last nine years and would thoroughly recommend your nursery to anyone needing childcare. You have contributed in turning Emily into the responsible child that she is today and I am sure she will always remember her time at Kloisters and have fond memories.

Bev Marshall

When choosing a nursery all those years ago it was about facts. Opening hours, times, ratio and cost….We chose Kloisters as it ticked all the boxes and felt right. What we never anticipated was that it was far more than child care. It became part of our family, something to look forward to and somewhere to belong. What the Aunties do day in and day out is outstanding. Its in the little things no one notices, those extra few seconds explaining something. Knowing our child as well as us, holding them when they are ill and the genuine love for them. This cant be measured but to us is magical.
Mel and Jamie

I Just wanted to send a quick emial to highlight how pleased I am with your team and the support they are implimenting for the little girl I see. I see her for physiotherapy and support her gross motor development. Your team have been so attentive and enthusiastic. This week I attended my second session, it was evident that they have all been working hard with the activities that we discussed. They are not the easiest to do with her and they have taken the challenges head on and are showing fantastic results. Thank you to your staff for their hard work and support to help this little girl reach her full potential.
J.H Paediactric Physiotherapist

We are so thankful to all of you and your staff for providing a happy, nurturing and safe environment for Alice in her early years. We are especially thankful to you for enabling Alice to continue after her diagnosis without any disruption. You and your staff took on the extra care needed for Alice with great compassion. This was such amazing support that we needed at this distressing time which we are forever grateful. Kloisters and all it’s staff have been exceptional.
Gail, Colin and Alice

I just want to thank both of you for the hard work you do managing a perfect nursery and I really mean perfect. We fell in love with Kloisters the very first time we looked around, infact, Kloisters was the only nursery we looked at as we made our minds up straight away. Harvey never took to Kloisters in the first weeks but the support we received from you put any doubt out of our head. You always made time to speak to us throughout and any questions we had whilst waiting for Harvey’s hospitable appointments for his assessments. Watching my little baby grow into a confident boy is truly amazing and that’s all down to the hard work the Kloisters staff have put in. Each and every Auntie is such a credit to Kloisters, it’s heart-breaking to think Harvey won’t be a part of if anymore.

Once again I thank you so much for everything you have done, your hard work pays off in the end. I cant wait to see you all when Harvey’s little brother joins your family.

Lisa, James, Harvey and Tobie

I took a trip with my children to Canada, where my three year old had an oppotunity to start “junior kindergarten”. The principle and members of staff were absolutely amazed at how Kloisters kept thier learning stories and how meticulous they were in recording every bit of my child’s development. Alongside this they were astonished as to how much my child knows and is confident and comfortable to do all this on her own, The principle also commented on the fact that a nursery as busy as Kloisters is able to afford the time to record details about a child’s learning with so much evidence. Another thing which impressed them was the amount of resources, learning oppotunities and play equiptment that are made available to the children at Kloisters. The creativity and layout of the building was also commented on. I feel really happy and proud that my child attends this set up and honestly I have tried a few before finding Kloisters almost five years ago!

I dont know how to express the thanks that I have for you and all of the staff at Kloisters for the excellent care that you have provided for both Rhian and Amelia over the last four and a half years. There was never any doubt in our minds that we chose our nursery well! We know that it is your “job” to provide excellent care, but you really have done this consistantly and we know that we couldnt of had better for our children. It is sad to say goodbye but I am an optomist who tries to look forward to new beginings. Amelia is leaving you reading and writing and in two years Rhian is in the top set for everything, more evidence of a solid foundation!
Chris and Rowan

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